“ Your Partners in Electrically Assisted Vehicle Technology Solutions ”

Established in 2004, Electric Vehicles Pty. Ltd. is a unique company specialising in personal electric transport solutions, electric bicycles and customised electric mail & parcel delivery equipment. For ten years Electric Vehicles have been at the forefront of the emerging electric transport industry in Australia; developing, manufacturing and supporting innovative, personal electric vehicle solutions for both consumers and large commercial applications.

Specialists in Electric Bicycles

Electric Vehicles (EVS) are specialists in electric cargo bikes, and we use our experience to design, develop and assemble specialised electric delivery vehicles. This means we are perfectly placed to deliver outstanding bicycle delivery solutions that exceed expectations.

Founded in 2004, we have more than 15 years’ experience specialising in electric transport solutions for individuals and goods, for both personal and commercial use. This expertise allows us to work with you and understand your situation and needs, in the short and long term, and come up with a solution that will deliver what you’re looking for.

Logistic Fleet Solutions

Our electric bikes are the ideal logistic fleet solution for postal services and food delivery services. In addition to these two industries, electric cargo bikes also allow for efficient travel and transport of goods across large sites such as university campuses and airports.

By creating bicycle delivery solutions tailored to your needs, you can have efficient and effective logistic fleet solutions that are scalable and financially viable.

Electric Cargo Bikes

As the only specialised provider of personal electric bikes and trikes, businesses can rely on Electric Vehicles (EVS) for the customisation, design and manufacturing of high-performance, environmentally-friendly cargo bikes from Melbourne to the rest of Australia. Additionally, we offer nationwide servicing for all our electric bikes, as we’re committed to complete customer satisfaction. This is why Electric Vehicles (EVS)  are the best choice for bicycle delivery solutions that are made to suit your needs.

Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd • Unit 24/12 Henderson Road • Knoxfield, Victoria 3180 Australia • Tel: (03) 9417 3363