Bicycle Goods Trailers

Trailers can provide an instant upgrade in load capacity for your fleet of E bicycles or standard bicycles, our trailers are designed with high load capacity and ease of towing characteristics. The trailers can be easily connected and disconnected from the tow vehicle in a matter of seconds. This can be very helpful when parcel / goods volume vary from day to day.  Trailers can be customised with a wide variety of storage options including lockable lids and even compression braking systems.

  • Pushes your bike up to 30 km/ph

  • Lithium Ridekick Trailer weighs 17 kg.

  • Simple throttle gives you variable speed control

  • Ride 40 km on the Lithium Battery Room for a briefcase or bags of groceries

  • Clicks on or off your bike in 15 seconds

  • Weather resistant storage case with combination lock

  • Installs on most any bike in under 12 minutes

  • Designed to be safe, stable in turns and when stopped

  • Your bicycle feels comfortable even with a full cargo load

  • Provides all the benefits of an electric bike or e-bike conversion kit without modifying your bike