Scott Dickason

Scott is a very dynamic, passionate and results-oriented marketing professional with a strong track record of successful performance in many challenging and complex business environments. He is a specialist in product development and the management of projects to create fresh, innovative solutions from the initial concept right through to their full-scale production, including the associated quality control and ongoing servicing requirements. Scott’s focus on fully understanding the customer’s fleet and transport needs, along with the dynamics of the specific business itself, ensures the delivery of products and service support programs that save costs, improve efficiency and reduce the customer’s overall environmental impact.

Scott has elevated Electric Vehicles and our Power-Ped brand to lead the market in innovative Light Electric Vehicles for large scale commercial applications such as postal and parcel delivery in local and international markets.



Steve Smart

Steve is an experienced business entrepreneur with an extensive history of establishing and building innovative, technology-based companies throughout Europe, the USA and Australasia over the past 30 years. He has a passion for new and disruptive technologies, with an ability to quickly grasp their complexities and advantages and a flair for commercialising their real world benefits. Steve is a pioneer of electrically assisted transport in Australia, establishing Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd in April 2004 where his technology industries experience and general business acumen helped to expand into this fledgling industry to pursue a growing desire to promote personal electric transport as a means of helping improve environmental sustainability.

Steve’s tenacity, eye for detail and broad technical skill-sets help ensure the team at Electric Vehicles and Power-Ped are focused on providing the best possible products, support and services to our customers.



Administration and Field Support Services
Maree Walsh

Maree is an enthusiastic, talented fleet management professional. She has a keen eye for detail and is a capable negotiator. Inventory control, ordering and logistical systems from the personal touch to the introduction of broader operational procedures are her specialty. Understanding operational environments and customer requirements from her 15 plus years working in the transport industry now benefit a broader range of businesses.



Chandanie Atapattu

Chandanie is a detail minded administrative professional. Her strong legal/banking back ground combined with her project planning, leadership and negotiation skill enable her to keep on top of any fleet performance and materials sourcing issues. She has a cheerful personality however tenacious in providing service support programs that save cost and improve efficiency for our customers.



Harry Gordon

Harry’s experience of over 15 years, in bicycle manufacturing, frame building and Tig welding make him a unique industry expert in Australia. Harry loves a challenge, racking, frames or components. Design, testing, prototyping, problem solving, consulting with customers and coordination with component experts, Harry is focused on understanding the fleet/transport requirements, together solving, innovating and improving products for customers.



International Sourcing
Calvin Kuo

CalvinThe World is full of people with something to sell, finding product is easy. Finding quality product, building lasting supplier relationships and linking compatible components at a competitive price this is where Calvin excels. Calvin has over 10 years’ experience working in manufacturing, product sourcing, negotiating, finding, testing and evaluating the latest components. Locating the best components, combining them together to produce a premium product is central to everything we do at Electric Vehicles. Calvin is constantly in touch with the World leaders in E-Bike, Bicycle and Frame Fabrication technologies. 



Ted Ma

Ted heads up our China Sourcing Division and is an expert in procuring and manufacturing high quality bicycle and E-Bicycle products for the Australian and European markets. Ted has over 20 Years of sourcing and manufacturing experience. Ted travels to all the major Bicycle Trade shows around the world to keep ahead of the game in new product innovation. Ted’s dedicated, hard working team based in Tianjin China, ensures we have a well organised flow of spare parts for our fleet customers. Ted has worked with Electric Vehicles and our E-Bike Brand, Power-Ped for over 11 years and is an integral part of our talented team.



National Maintenance
Victoria - Gary Paddick

Gary is a dedicated maintenance professional. Gary and the maintenance team are on the road in the early mornings ensuring customer fleets are in peak operating condition. Once on site the maintenance teams knowledge, experience and eye for detail coupled with their ability to interact easily with operational staff, ensures the fleet not only operates well, but potential issues are dealt with and resolved. Gary and the team are focused on providing a dynamic, rapid response service as and when required.

Gary, Jim, Wes and Vick are the heart of the Victoria’s maintenance service, they are equally matched for skill, enthusiasm and capability by maintenance professionals across all States who are all part of the Electric Vehicles Maintenance Service.


NSW/ACT - Doug Wadwell