Through Product Life Maintenance-Maintenance Professionals,
National Mobile Field Coverage

Fleet Performance Reporting

Once a fleet is up and running, infield service support and a reliable parts supply is critical. The availability of parts to service personnel is one of the most important elements of the fleet management process. We encourage consistency in specification across the fleet.

Electric Vehicles can provide a complete maintenance support package which includes:

  • Maintenance planning

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Unscheduled maintenance

  • Battery management

  • Certified battery disposal

  • Inventory planning

  • Materials management

Maintenance Professionals


Electric Vehicles has developed a unique network of strategically located maintenance industry professionals servicing our customers’ fleet requirements. EVS is committed to providing ongoing, long term maintenance service and support.

National Mobile Field Coverage

In partnership with its customers, EVS develops infield maintenance programs and solutions to suit individual requirements. Our strategically located industry professionals provide on-site service at times which suit your fleet requirements.


Fleet Performance Reporting

We understand fleet performance is critical to our customers. Electric Vehicles has developed reporting tools it offers its clients to assist in managing their operational fleets. The reporting specifically covers the volumes of parts, consumption by vehicle number, by location and by repairer. Fleet costs can be reported and tracked for your service costing evaluations and reporting.