Parts Supply and Management

After sales service and parts supply is just as important as the products themselves. We have an extensive experience base with parts supply as well as backend systems support to ensure parts are made available for the long term.

The entire fleet is dependent on a very detailed and easy to follow parts listing. This forms the base of ongoing service support. We can integrate your systems with our systems to ensure your parts orders are met on time and to spec.

The procurement of parts including production lead times, minimum order quantities, shipping time and inventory management can be complex. Electric Vehicles can manage the parts flow for your fleet through our data management and procurement systems. We ship parts direct from the supplier to the customer or designated repairers.

The volumes of parts consumption by vehicle number, by location, by repairer can be reported and tracked for your service costing evaluations and reporting.

Battery Management – Battery Testing and Replacement Programs

The battery is the fuel tank of an electric vehicle. It is also the most important component in the system. We can offer testing equipment and procedures for your fleet. It is important to have a good battery testing and replacement program to support a large fleet. We can offer a periodical battery change over program so the fleet is never out of service. We continually monitor the best available technology in battery cell capacity and performance so you will get the latest, most reliable offer when battery replacement is due. Consistency in battery casing is very important as cells can be updated over time. Typically cells are becoming lighter and higher in capacity so future battery replacements are typically higher in capacity and lighter in weight than the original specification.

Battery Disposal

EVS provide a service of battery disposal, complete with a certificate to comply with the AS/NZS 5377:2013 standard.