How We Craft Best the Electric Cargo Bikes in Melbourne

Electric Vehicles are renowned for designing and developing the best electric cargo bikes in Melbourne. As the only team in Australia that specialises in electric bikes for delivery and cargo, businesses of all descriptions can rely on EVS for detailed customisation and flawless assembly.

Quality Control and Security

Because EVS design, develop and assemble our own products under supervised conditions, we can adhere to the strictest quality standards. When you place an order with EVS, you can be sure your fleet of electric bikes will perform reliably and improve your business processes.


Electric Vehicles has been Australian-owned and operated for 15 years, meaning we adhere to Australian logistics fleet standards. Avoid the risks associated with cheap imports by turning to EVS, the team with proven experience, for all your electric cargo bike needs.

For Australia’s best electric cargo bikes, Melbourne-based Electric Vehicles are the clear choice.