Electric Bicycle Solutions


Electric Vehicles (EVS) are renowned for our leading bicycle delivery solutions, with our electric bikes being heavily utilised by Australia Post and major food delivery services such as Domino’s. Our 15 years of experience means we can fully customise every order, from adding safety lights to a racking system, depending on your needs. This is why our delivery e-bikes are so popular across Australia.


Our experience tells us that keeping the bike specification simple and robust is the key to a successful fleet program.



Components should be accessible and easily changed over in the event of a replacement being required. In field servicing and support is just as important as the products themselves. Matching Motors, Controllers, Chargers and Battery chemistry is vital. We have rigorously tested many options over the years. We strongly encourage our customers to be actively involved in the development process, so the best possible product result is achieved on all electric delivery vehicles.


Mail and Postal Delivery


Mail and postal delivery are tough and demanding environments for delivery equipment. Electric Vehicles (EVS) have an extensive experience base in developing products and solutions to meet these challenges. In fact, we thrive on new challenges to further improve our products, and this has made us the go-to-company for electric delivery vehicles.


We have the expertise to come up with an efficient and effective solution that is scalable and financially viable, which is important for any business. Being a requirement for many people, a reliable postal delivery service needs the equipment to deliver goods and messages on time, and we aim to provide the equipment to make that happen.

Cargo E-bike


For transporting large goods and cargo, there are a range of options that our delivery e-bikes can adopt to suit your specific needs. At Electric Vehicles (EVS), we believe that each solution needs to be tailored to your situation and this why it’s not enough to simply purchase an electric fat bike or other vehicle but to work out what can be done to meet your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is what we strive to do with every customer, whether for personal or commercial use.


Public Services Bikes


For those in public service roles, an electric fat bike is a great choice to improve mobility and add increased presence over a large area. We have various electric vehicles to choose from, depending on what you’re looking to achieve, but we’re confident we have a solution that will benefit you.

Electric Bicycle Prices


As we design, manufacture and assemble our electric bicycles, prices can be kept competitive. Whether you’re looking at an electric fat bike or any of our other electric delivery vehicles of solutions, we can find the right one for you that meets your needs and budget. Simply contact us for a personalised quote.

Product Range

Our product range includes mail bikes, delivery trikes and buggies, ideally suited for mail and food delivery services as well as other purposes which require efficient transportation or travel for an individual or a small amount of goods.