Public Service Vehicle Solutions


Police Electric Bikes

We can also provide the best police electric bikes to services in Melbourne, Sydney and other places across Australia. Allowing officers to travel quickly in a local area means there is an increased police presence that is efficient and reliable as well as not getting stuck in traffic like road vehicles can be. They can have storage options for supplies or focus purely on getting you from A to B, depending on your needs.

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At Electric Vehicles (EVS), we can supply the best electric bikes for a range of businesses and customers, including public service organisations. These efficient and reliable vehicles provide better mobility and speed compared to being on foot but can also take smaller routes than road vehicles.


Paramedic Electric Bikes


We can provide paramedic electric bikes across Australia, which has a range of options to allow it to carry the supplies needed for any situation, allowing any paramedic to arrive at a scene quickly and act with the confidence they have the tools and resources to do their job..